Are you a maker who needs beautiful bags to keep your projects and tools protected and organised? 

Excellent, because I’m all about making gorgeous handprinted bags that do just that.

Launched in 2015 to offer knitters and other makers an organic choice for project bags you will only find organic cottons, solvent free inks and a heart for people and the environment here. 



  • Do you want to support small independent business?

  • Do you value handmade?

  • Do you care about the welfare of people who make the things you own? 

  • Do you like your cotton organic and free from yucky chemicals and pesticides?

  • Do you want beautiful functional pieces that feel really special to own and use


That's awesome. I share all these values and making beautiful bags you can purchase guilt free is at the heart of my business.

My bags are cut, printed, and sewn with so much care and I want you to feel you have something really special when you buy an Alex Collins bag. I want you to loooove keeping your projects and tools in my bags!

So, who's Alex?

Glad you asked, that's me! There is no ‘we’ here, maybe one day but right now it's just me running things around here. 

Having bounced from one career to another in the fashion world trying to find a place where I fit, I found myself stepping away from it all. I started nannying for a wonderful family while I took a long hard look at what I wanted and how I could design the life I envisioned. It was here that I rediscovered my love of making and the idea for this shop was born.

Designer and Printmaker Alex Collins

Want to know more...?

I knit every day. Yes really, every single day.  

I am thoughtful which probably leads me to over think everything.

I care about our planet and try to make environmentally friendly choices.

I am in love with almond croissants and drinking apple tea.

I am British so most conversations start with me talking about the weather.



Hold on! Before you go,

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